Troubleshooting Your Monitor Log In

This article is for all Monitor users.

The Monitor Portal requires you have a Contact role with permission to view users’ Events and/or Device information before you can log in. Your Safeguarding Contact or Cloud Admin/Tech Admin is responsible for adding and editing your school Contacts’ access to Monitor. 

Use the following troubleshooting steps if you are having trouble logging into Monitor.

I can’t log in

If you cannot log in, ask your Safeguarding Contact or Cloud Admin/Tech Admin to verify you are assigned to a Contact role that can access the Monitor Portal (a Safeguarding Contact, IT Contact or Reporting Contact). 

Your issue The Solution
You are not a Contact in your Organisation. Your Safeguarding Contact:
  1. Adds you as a new Contact.
The incorrect email address is in your Contact details Your Safeguarding Contact:
  1. Deletes your Contact record.
  2. Adds you as a new Contact with the correct email. 
You lost or did not receive your Welcome email with the link to verify your new account. 

  1. Go to your Monitor Portal.
  2. Select Continue with Google
    or Continue with Microsoft.

    If you do not use Google or Microsoft to log in:

    Select Reset Password and complete the steps to set a new password.

I could log in last school year, but not this year

Monitor recommends your Safeguarding Contact and Cloud Admin/Tech Admin complete start of year maintenance that can include resetting your account from last year. Use the troubleshooting steps in 'I can’t log in' to repair your access to Monitor.

I cannot see the pages I need after I log in

You may be able to log in to your Monitor Portal but notice that you cannot access one or more of your pages (Dashboard, Events, Reports or Devices).

Your issue The solution
You do not see the pages you need. Verify the correct Organisation checkbox is selected.

If the correct Organisation is selected and you cannot see the pages you need, you may be set up as the incorrect type of Contact in your Organisation


After your Safeguarding Contact re-adds you as a Contact in your Organisation, you must complete the first time log in steps.

Ask your Safeguarding Contact to:

  1. Delete your Contact record. 
  2. Add you again as a Contact with the correct role. 


Your email address can only be used once in each Organisation and you can only have one Contact role in each Organisation.

My log in shows the incorrect Organisations page

If no Organisation or the incorrect Organisation shows on your page, see our article about troubleshooting Organisations.

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