Troubleshooting a ‘Screenshot not Captured’ Message in Monitor

This article is for Safeguarding and Limited Safeguarding Contacts.

Monitor’s screenshotting tool may not display the text contained in the Contextual Capture when:

  • The user entered the text into the address bar on a Chromebook. Instead of a screenshot, you will see an image with the text “Screenshot not captured” when you select View.

  • The user typed while no text input box was selected or there was a blank desktop. All input from a user’s keyboard is captured even when no text is appearing on the user’s screen.

You should use the Moderator’s summary Message and the text in the Contextual Capture when the text is not visible or the screenshot has been deleted. The Moderator’s Message can help you assess the potential harm from the content and support the person who is at risk.

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