Viewing an Event Message and Contextual Captures

This article is for Safeguarding Contacts and Limited Safeguarding Contacts

Contextual Captures are the text and/or screenshots of the related activities from up to 6 hours before the Event. A Moderator reviews the Contextual Captures with the main Event. They summarise the potentially inappropriate activity in the Message. The Message summarises the primary event and why the Moderator recorded the Event. 

  1. Select an Event to view the Event Details page.
    • The summary from the Event page is displayed at the top of the page.
    • The Event Status is displayed as Closed or Open.

  1. Go down the page to the Contextual Captures to view:
    Date & Time The day, month, year, and time (24-hour) of the captured activity.
    Hostname The technical name of the device. Use the Hostname to search the Device name in the Devices page to find the last time this device connected and sent a capture. This can help you and your IT Contact to identify the physical computer or mobile device the person used. 
    Window Title The text in the top of the browser window, or the application's name. This can help you investigate the type of content in the capture.
    Message Capture The content the user entered on their device.

    You can access a captured screenshot of the user’s screen (if available) at the time of the event.

    Contextual Captures will contain screenshots if the screenshots contain words or phrases related to the Event. You may see a placeholder image instead of a screenshot if the moderator detected illegal imagery.


    Not every Event will trigger a screen capture. Please be aware, the captures and screenshots are permanently deleted after 15-months.

    Additionally, screenshots potentially containing illegal content, such as CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material), will be permanently deleted. You can use the Moderator’s message to assess the activity.

    icon for Monitor Event device and technical details Capture Information provides additional technical details to help your IT Contact identify the device and where it was connected to the internet when the capture occurred. These include the IP addresses and MAC address of the device.
    icon for Monitor Event Contextual Capture screenshots The Camera icon indicates that this capture is the initial Capture for the event, and is used to show the reason why Monitor has raised this concern when reviewing Contextual Captures.

  1. Select View Screenshots Only toggle to filter out captures that do not contain a screenshot.
    • Select the toggle again to show all activities.
  2. View is displayed as a link if a Screenshot is available within a capture.
    • Select View to display a full-screen image of the person’s screen at the time of capture.
  3. Select the three dots (...) to display the Capture Information containing technical details.
    • Select Copy to clipboard and paste the technical details in a document or email as needed.
    • Use the technical details to identify a physical device or network connection.

  1. Select Export as a .CSV if you want to save all the Event Details to a file. 
  2. To go back to your list of events select the Back to Events link.
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