Upgrading ChromeOS to a version which supports Monitor MV3


In June 2024 Google will stop allowing Chrome Extensions based on the Manifest V2 (MV2) framework to run, and will only allow those using Manifest V3 (MV3).

Support for MV3 extensions was added to the Chrome browser incrementally over time, but our testing has shown that Chrome version 88 is the lowest version that can support Monitor using the MV3 extension framework.

Chrome version 88 was released in January 2021, therefore if your ChromeOS device (e.g. a Chromebook) is listed on the Google Chrome Auto Update Policy page or in your Google Workspace Admin console (see below) with an "automatic updates until" date of before Jan 2021, then it is not only end of life, but it is also likely you will not be able to update to Chrome version 88 or higher. 

If you cannot update, then please see this help article about how to change your devices to our self-hosted MV2 version, with which we will provided extended support for these old devices.

If your device is still supported, you can follow the instructions provided here by Google to update the Chrome version on your devices as it may not be happening automatically.

If your device looks like it should support later versions of Chrome, but you are unable to update it, then there may be settings in place within your Google Workspace admin console to prevent it, Google outline some of the different settings that may affect it in this article.


Microsoft Edge, Windows and Mac devices and MV3 compatibility

The Monitor Chrome extension does not activate on Windows or Mac - either in Chrome or Edge - so the version of the browser on these platforms does not matter.  Windows and Mac should be running the desktop Monitor application.


Using the Google Workspace Admin Console to find end of life ChromeOS devices

By going to Devices > Chrome > Devices in the Google admin console you can see all your enterprise managed ChromeOS devices. Note that this will not include unmanaged devices, such as personal devices logged-into by users.

You can press the 'cog' icon at the top right of the table to add the Chrome version column to the device list:

This will then help you identify which devices you have, when their end of life date is (from the 'automatic updates until' column) as well as the Chrome version:

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