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A Smoothwall Group is a collection of users that can be used to configure features in Smoothwall Filter appliance or Linewize Gateway and Monitor. Smoothwall Groups are mapped from a directory such as Active Directory, Azure Active Directory or Google Directory. This means that you are not explicitly modifying those directories in Monitor.


Before you begin, ensure that:

  • You have Administrator level permission in Monitor.
  • Your directories are synced with Monitor (Azure, Google or on-premises Windows AD).

Creating a Smoothwall Group

  1. Go to your Monitor Portal:

    Monitor - UK, Australia, New Zealand

    Monitor - US
  2. Select Admin Panel.
  3. Select Smoothwall Groups from the sidebar.
  4. If you have multiple Tenants, select the Tenant using the dropdown.
  5. Select Add Smoothwall Group.
  6. Enter a Group Name and Group Description.
  7. If you have multiple directories available, select the Directory using the dropdown.
  8. Using the checkboxes, select the Directory Groups you want to map into your Smoothwall Group.


If you have multiple directories (Windows Active Directory, Azure Active Directory or Google Directory), you can map the users from all your directories into one Group. This means you don’t have to create a different Group for each directory.

  1. Select Save.


You can edit the groups at any time. At this stage, you can’t delete a Group. If you have made a mistake, edit the group and remove all the incorrect groups and add the correct groups, or you can simply create a new Group.


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