Reviewing Events in Monitor

This article is for Safeguarding Contacts and Limited Safeguarding Contacts

Events contain a useful summary of the potential risk and details you can use to protect and support the person who may be at risk. Our moderating team raises Events when they verify that content identified by Monitor matches one of the risk Event Types

  1. Select Events from the top navigation.

    You will see a list of the Events from this week logged by Monitor’s automated protection and human moderators. Weeks start from 00:00 the most recent Monday in your time zone.

    Risk Level

    A number and an icon representing the assessed danger. Risk levels are between 1 (lowest, has 1 bar in the icon) and 5 (highest, has 5 bars in the icon). Monitor automated assessment and moderators assign Risk Levels based on the Event Type.


    Monitor displays Risk Level of 3 or higher from all Event Types by default.

    Event Type

    Displays the risk category associated with this website or captured content. The Event Type is determined by Monitor’s automated categorization or a Moderator.

    The Event Types are used to group similar activities and apply a Risk Level to the potential harm from the activity.

    Message A statement from the moderator summarising why the Event was raised.
    Event Raised / Date & Time The day, month, year, and time (24-hour format in your time zone) when the moderator raised the Event.
    Event Status

    The current state of the Event. Safeguarding Contacts can change the status. However, Limited Safeguarding Contacts can only view the Status. You can use the Notes and Status to track Events.

    • Unread - The default status of a new Event that needs a Safeguarding Contact’s attention. An Event automatically changes to Open when you open the Event. 
    • Open - The Event has been viewed by a Safeguarding Contact. You can manually reopen a Closed Event by selecting Open.
    • Closed - The Event does not need any further action. You can close an Open Event by selecting Closed.

    Safeguarding Contacts can add optional Notes about the Status of an Event. You can use Notes to communicate information to other Safeguarding Contacts who are supporting the same user/student or keep track of summary information about the Event.

    • Contains text from the Add Note option when Events are opened, closed or reopened.
    • Select the arrow to display previous Notes.
    • You can delete your own Notes, but cannot delete other Safeguarding Contact’s Notes.

Notes field for Safeguarding Contacts in in Monitor Events

  1. You can view past Events by changing one or both:

    • The earliest date in From
    • The latest date in To


      The selected dates will remain active when you switch between your Events page and Dashboard page.

      You can change the dates as long as the From date is always before the To date. If you cannot select a date in To or From, change the other date first.

      You can refresh your browser and return to the Events page, or click the Reset button, to clear dates and all filter criteria.

  1. You can filter the Events list by specific criteria:

    Search usernames Enter three or more letters of the person’s name and your enter/return key.
    Select event type Check or uncheck one or more boxes to display selected Event Types.
    Select risk levels Check or uncheck one or more boxes to display selected rated Risk Levels.
    Select status Check or uncheck one or more boxes to display Open, Unread and/or Closed Events.
    Show or hide notes, gear icon. Show or hide Event Status and/or Notes functions for this Event.
    Reset Select to clear all filters except the From and To dates.

  1. (Optional) Select Export csv to download the current filtered list as a CSV file.


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