I'm not receiving Monitor email alerts

This article is for Safeguarding contacts, Limited Safeguarding contacts, and Reporting contacts.

If you are not receiving some or all of the Monitor email alerts you’re expecting to see, you can try these troubleshooting steps.

Emails are blocked by your spam filter

The tools that protect us from unwanted messages sometimes block your Monitor alert emails. You can mark them as not “not junk” or “not spam”.

Search for noreply@smoothwall.com or noreply-monitor@linewize.com in your Spam mailbox and:

Add noreply@smoothwall.com or noreply-monitor@linewize.com to your address book. 

You can also:

If you use a different email program, search their help for similar topics.

Emails are blocked by your content filter

Some email alerts contain objectionable content blocked by content filtering. Ask your IT Contact or filtering administrator to allow access to content from the following Monitor domains without filtering:

  • smoothwall.com
  • smoothwall.cloud
  • linewize.com

If you use one or both of the following Linewize products, ask your IT Contact to allow the domains listed in the following articles:

Email alerts do not contain your email address

Your email might not be added to all of the Alerting Profiles you want to get alert notifications for. A Safeguarding Contact can complete the following steps.


You must select Update at the end of this process to save your changes.

  1. Select Edit beside your Organisation.
  2. Select Alerting Profiles on the menu.
  3. Select the Alerting Profile you need access to.
  4. Verify the Target Age Range and Target Groups are correct.
  5. Select Edit Alerting Profile.
  6. Enter three or more characters from the email address.
  7. Select the email to add it to the Safeguarding Contacts.
  8. Select Update in the bottom right hand corner.

You can also create a new Alerting Profile, if none of the existing profiles fit your needs.

The student is not in the groups in your Alerting Profile

If you are a Safeguarding Contact or Limited Safeguarding Contact and are not receiving email alerts for one or more student(s), the student(s) you are responsible for may not be in the Group(s) assigned to that Alerting Profile. All Alerting Profiles must have at least one Group, but sometimes the Group does not contain all of your students or your Alerting Profile does not contain the right Group(s).

Your Cloud Admin / Tech Admin and Safeguarding Contact must work together:

  1. Your Cloud Admin/Tech Admin identifies which Group(s) the student(s) belongs to in your third-party directory.
  2. Your Safeguarding Contact identifies which Group(s) are used in your Alerting Profile.
  3. Complete one or more of the following:

    To add student(s) to an existing Monitor Group

    Your Cloud Admin/Tech Admin:

    1. Adds the student(s) to your third-party directory Group(s).
    2. Syncs the directory with Monitor:
    To add student(s) to new (not existing) Monitor Group(s)

    Your Cloud Admin/Tech Admin:

    1. Creates a new directory Group
    2. Adds the student(s) to the new directory Group.
    3. Syncs the directory with Monitor.
    4. Opens Monitor > Admin Panel > Groups.
    5. Adds and names a new Monitor Group.
    6. Selects the new directory Group.
    7. Selects Save.
    8. Asks your Safeguarding Contact to add the new Group to an Alerting Profile (next steps, below).
    A new Group was created and synced with Monitor

    Your Safeguarding Contact:

    1. Opens the Alerting Profile.
    2. Adds the updated or new Group(s) to the Alerting Profile.
    3. Selects Save.


Your email address is incorrect

Your email address changed or was entered incorrectly. A Safeguarding Contact can complete the following steps.

  1. Select Edit beside your Organisation name.
  2. Select Safeguarding Contact, Limited Safeguarding Contact or Reporting Contact.
  3. Find the user.
  4. Delete their Contact.

Email addresses cannot be edited

  1. Create a new Contact with the correct email address and details.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Complete one of the following:

    If this is a Reporting Contact or IT Contact
    1. Ask the Contact to complete Logging Into Monitor for the First Time. 
    If the correction is for Safeguarding Contact
    or Limited Safeguarding Contact
    1. Open the Alerting Profile for the Group(s) this Contact is responsible for.
    2. Add the new Contact to Safeguarding.
    3. Save the Alerting Profile.
    4. Ask the Contact to complete Logging Into Monitor for the First Time.
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