Integrating MyConcern with Monitor (UK)

This article is for Safeguarding Contacts

Monitor can send events with a Risk Level of 3 or higher to MyConcern. Your Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) should have the Safeguarding Contact permissions and MyConcern DSL and Administrator permissions to integrate Monitor and MyConcern.

Before you start

Ensure you have both the following user roles:

  • MyConcern: Administrator
  • Monitor: Safeguarding Contact

1. Request the integration

Contact MyConcern support to start an integration. The integration can be removed at any time in the future. 

  1. Your MyConcern Administrator should contact MyConcern Support and ask them to enable API Keys in your account.
  2. Wait until MyConcern Support confirms the function is enabled before continuing to the next steps.

2. Supply the keys 

  1. Open MyConcern > Admin.
  2. Select Users > API Keys.
  3. Select Create New to generate a new API Key
  4. Enter a Name and a Description. 
  5. Select Create.
  6. Copy down the Establishment Code and the Secret.
  7. Submit a request to Monitor Support and request an integration with MyConcern. Supply your MyConcern Establishment Code and Secret with the request.

  8. Wait for Monitor Support to confirm the integration is active before continuing to the next steps.

3. Verify Monitor events in MyConcern

You should spot-check several Monitor events match the events displayed in MyConcern to verify the integration is working.

  1. Sign in to Monitor.
  2. Go to the Events page in Monitor and identify a few events with Risk Level 3 or above.
  3. Open a new browser window and sign in to MyConcern
  4. Go to Records in MyConcern.
  5. Compare the Events in the Monitor window to the Records in the MyConcern window.
  • If matching Events and Records are displayed, the integration is complete.

If Monitor Events and MyConcern Records do not match, please contact our support team.

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