Syncing directories with Monitor for group-aware alerting

This article is for school leadership, Safeguarding contacts, and IT contacts.

You can sync your school directories with Monitor to ensure your staff receive email alerts for the current students they are responsible for supporting. Syncing student data regularly from Google Directory, Azure Active Directory or Windows Active Directory ensures you have accurate data without having to manually enter changes into Monitor. The updated users and groups data keeps your Alerting profiles in Monitor current.

Your IT contact starts the process by connecting your directory to Monitor and running the first sync. Monitor performs automated syncs twice a week after the setup is complete. Monitor also allows your IT contact or Safeguarding contact to start a manual sync with your school’s directory at any time between automated syncs. The groups from the synced directory are matched to the Groups used in Monitor. Your IT contact identifies which groups are used and can combine related groups from your directory into a Group in Monitor.

Your Safeguarding contact takes the next steps by creating Alerting profiles. Alerting profiles are used to assign the Groups to Safeguarding contacts and Limited Safeguarding contacts. The risk level for each risk category can be specified in the Alerting profiles.

The final result is ‘group-aware alerting profiles’ which means Monitor will email the staff member assigned to the group with any events matching the Alerting profile set up by your Safeguarding contact.

Start by asking your IT contact to set up your directory:

If you use a Smoothwall Appliance or Linewize Gateway with on-premises Windows AD services, our support team assists you with the upgrade and integration of Monitor into your system. Contact the Monitor support team to get started.

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