Adding and Editing Groups

This article is for Onboarding Contacts.

As an Onboarding Contact, you can create Smoothwall Groups (or Linewize Groups for Linewize users) and map them to Directory Groups. This makes it easier to create and apply Filter Policies, Safeguarding Alerts, and Monitor Alerting Profiles.

Accessing the Smoothwall Groups page

  1. Log in to the Smoothwall Portal.
    1. UK, Australia, New Zealand:
    2. US:
  2. Go to Admin Panel > Smoothwall Groups (or Linewize Groups for Linewize users). 

Understanding the Smoothwall Groups page

01 -Groups-page-ui.png

Image 1: Smoothwall Groups features

The Smoothwall Groups page shows:

  1. The Tenant’s name. This feature appears for global or multi-tenant license holders (for example, school districts and trusts).
  2. Available Smoothwall Groups.
  3. Group description.
  4. Number of mapped Directory Groups.
  5. Expand the Smoothwall Group by selecting the down arrow. You can preview the Directory Group(s) it is mapped to and the Edit Group feature.


    Expanding the Smoothwall Group will show up to three Directory Groups it is mapped to. To view the full list of Directory Groups, select Edit Smoothwall Group.


    Image 2: Previewing the mapped Directory Group

  6. Add Smoothwall Group button.

Adding Smoothwall Groups

  1. Select Add Smoothwall Group on the lower-left of the Groups screen. The Create Smoothwall Group page will appear.


    Linewize users may see Add Linewize Groups. Select this button if this is the option available to you.

  2. On the Create Smoothwall Group page:
    1. Give the new group a name (required).
    2. Add a short description (optional).
    3. Select or confirm the Directory for the new group.
    4. Select the Directory Group(s) your new group will be mapped to.


      You can select Directory Groups from various Directories. Select a different Directory from the dropdown (c), then select more Directory Groups (d).

      You can also find more Directory Groups on the Search bar.

      add new group

      Image 3: Adding a new group

    5. Save your new group.


You cannot delete a group once it’s created. If you need to delete a Smoothwall Group or Linewize Group, contact Smoothwall Support or Linewize Support.

Editing Smoothwall Groups


Changing a Smoothwall Group's details may impact its filtering policies and alerting profile configurations.

  1. Sign in to Smoothwall Portal > Admin Panel > Smoothwall Groups (or Linewize Groups).
  2. Select the downward arrow for the group you're editing.
  3. Select Edit Smoothwall Group (or Edit Linewize Group).
  4. On the Edit Group page, you can edit the:
    1. Group Name
    2. Group Description
    3. Directory
    4. Directory Groups
  5. Save your edits.
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