How to install the Monitor Chrome extension with Google Workspace

You can deploy the Monitor Chrome extension to Chrome OS devices such as Chromebooks. Once installed, the extension needs to communicate with our cloud service using your Monitor Organization ID and Serial to authenticate. This article covers the steps to deploy and configure this extension.

You will need

  • Your Organization ID and Serial from the Monitor Cloud portal.
  • Access to your Google Workspace Admin Console.
  • Filter and firewall exclusions - Installing Monitor Prerequisites


  1. Go to your Google Workspace Admin Console and follow the Google help topic Add apps, configuring it with these settings and applying it to the organization units who you wish to be monitored within your Google directory:

Add Chrome app or extension by ID
Extension ID: donbapingkdboklmjcfmpagmdohkgphg
Installation policy: "Force install"
Enter a JSON value:

{"Smoothwall": {"Value": {"OrgID": "put-your-Org-ID-here",
"serial": "put-your-serial-here"}}}

You can get your Organisation ID and Serial from the Monitor Cloud portal ( Select the Organization you wish to deploy the Chrome client to, click 'edit', and select 'License information'. You can also generate the JSON value by clicking the 'copy configuration' button under 'Chromebook Extension Details:'.

If you don't have a Serial and the Monitor Cloud portal doesn't show one, please contact your CSM.
  1. Configure additional application settings by clicking the cog in the far right of the table. Follow the Google help topic, Set app and extension policies and configure these settings on the additional application settings page:
    • Allowed types of apps and extensions: "Extension"
    • App and extension install sources:
  1. Follow the Google help topic, Make settings in your Admin console, and configure these settings:
    • Security - Incognito mode: "Disallow incognito mode"
    • User Experience - Developer Tools: "Never allow use of built-in developer tools"
    • Content - Screenshot: "Allow users to take screenshots and video recordings"

Using a work or school account on a personal computer

We have tested what happens with the Monitor Chromebook extension when a user uses their work or school account to log onto their personal computer that isn't a Chromebook:

  • You can see the extension download as part of you profile. However, it's disabled because it doesn't work on anything other than a Chromebook.
  • The extension does NOT work on anything other than a Chrome OS device.
  • The extension does NOT capture on a personal Windows Laptop, if you sign in with a work or school account.
  • When you log out, the extension is no longer in the browser, if force install is done via the username (the most common method). The extension travels with the profile (policy).
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