How do I know that Monitor is monitoring my devices?

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There are two main ways to know that Monitor is correctly monitoring your devices.

The first way is on the organisation dashboard in the Monitor Portal:


This shows over the timeframe selected in the 'From' and 'To' boxes the number of:

  • Unique usernames that have sent information
  • Unique devices that have sent information
  • Unique captures collected from the users and devices, where a capture is a single piece of information that may or may not have led to an event.

Even if there are no actionable events, you will still see users, devices and captures in this dashboard.


The second way you can observe if devices are correctly monitored is through the 'Devices' tab. At the top of this page is a summary of all devices:


This tells you:

  • 1 device has not connected in over 5 days or sent data in over 7 days. It is highly likely that this device is no longer being monitored, as we have not received any data from it in over a week - although during holidays this may be expected.
  • 55 devices have not connected in over 1 day or sent data in over 2 days. These devices have not connected recently, and if today is a Monday this could be normal - as they would not have connected over the weekend.
  • 96 devices have connected in the last day and sent data in the last 2 days. These devices are likely fine, as they have connected to Monitor in the last day and sent data recently.
  • 0 devices are not on the latest version - while it is not essential, it is recommended to have devices on the latest software version to take advantage of the latest features, so if there are devices listed here then it is recommended that you arrange for these to be upgraded with your IT team.

So based on the above summary, there is 1 device that definitely requires investigation and 55 that we should confirm that we don't expect them to have sent data in the last 2 days.


By un-ticking the device categories that we are not interested in, we can filter the results on the page to view the devices of concern:


This shows us that 'laptop-132' was last seen on 20/8/2020 which was also the last time that captures were sent. If we know that this device is in use, then this should be investigated with your IT team to confirm that the software is correctly installed, that the service is running, and it can connect to the Internet.

If however this device is no longer in use - perhaps it has been retired, recycled or it has changed name - then you can remove the device by ticking the box on the left and then clicking 'Remove Devices'. This will permanently delete the device from this list, but the captured data collected and events raised will still be kept.

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