I Can't See My Organisation in Monitor

This article is for Safeguarding Contacts, IT Contacts, and Reporting Contacts.

You should see the Organisations page after you successfully log in to Monitor. Use the following troubleshooting steps if your Organisations page is empty or if one of the Organisations you are responsible for is not available.

I can’t see one particular Organisation

If you are responsible for multiple Organisations, but one of the Organisations is not displayed on the page you have access to (Dashboard, Events, Reports, or Devices page):

  1. Return to the Organisations page
  2. Select the correct Organisation


Choose Select all or Clear selected  to quickly check or uncheck all of the Organisations you want to view. You can view multiple Organisations in the pages you can access.

If the Organisation you are responsible for is not displayed, ask your Safeguarding Contact to add you with a role that has access in the Organisation.

If you are the only Safeguarding Contact for the missing Organisation, contact Monitor Support with the name of the Organisation you need access to. 

I can’t see any Organisation(s)

If the Organisations page is empty after you successfully log in to Monitor, use the following steps to troubleshoot access to your Organisation:

You may have signed in using the wrong account.

If you select 'Log in with Google' or 'Log in with Microsoft' you are automatically signed in with your active email. The email you sign in to Monitor with must match the email used in Monitor to see your Organisation(s).

Try the following steps to log in to Monitor with the correct account:

  1. Log out of your current Gmail or Microsoft account inside your web browser. 
  2. Open your Monitor Portal.

    Monitor Portal - UK, Australia, New Zealand

    Monitor Portal - US

  3. Select your normal log in method and follow the prompts, paying careful attention to the listed email.
Log In Issue Troubleshooting Steps to Correct the Issue
Monitor displays the wrong Gmail address after you log in.

Select Use another account for a Google sign in and sign in with the correct Google Account

If you were automatically signed in with the wrong Google Account, open chrome://password-manager/settings and turn off 'Sign in automatically'

Monitor displays the wrong Microsoft Account after you log in.

Open https://office.com to Sign out of the current profile at the top right and sign in with the correct Microsoft Account.

Open edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings and turn off 'Automatic sign in on Microsoft Edge'

Open edge://settings/passwords to turn off 'Automatically'

Contact your school’s IT if your Microsoft Edge Profile or Password settings are locked by your IT security policy

  1. If you use a password manager, turn off ‘automatic log in’ for Monitor. See your password manager’s website for the steps.
  2. If the above steps do not work, you may be using the wrong email address. Ask your Safeguarding Contact or Cloud Admin/Tech Admin, which email address they used to assign you a Monitor Contact role. Contact Monitor Support if you are the sole administrator for your Organisation and can’t find your credentials.

You may no longer have access to your Organisation(s).

Your account may have been removed from the Contacts list by a Safeguarding Contact or Cloud Admin/Tech Admin. If you have access to one or multiple other Organisations, you can login to Monitor but will be unable to see the removed Organisation

Your licence may have expired.

You will not see any Organisations after your Monitor licence has expired. Contact your Monitor account manager or submit a request to Monitor Support to renew your Organisation’s licence.

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