Using the Dashboard to identify monitoring issues

This article is intended for Safeguarding Contacts.

You can use your Monitor Dashboard to identify instances where the Monitor app may not be working correctly or have been removed from a student’s device.

To review the Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Smoothwall Portal using your Safeguarding Contact credentials and select Monitor.
  2. Select your Organisation, then Dashboard on the top navigation bar. The Dashboard screen will show the number of actionable events for the current period.

    The Activity subtotals may be hidden when the default reporting period loads. The default date starts From at 00:00 of the most recent Monday in your time zone.

  3. Select a new From date on the date picker. You can select a day from the previous week or month.
  4. The Dashboard will show the number of (a) events in your (b) selected period.

Figure 1: The Dashboard showing a summary of the latest Events.

  1. Check if the number of Devices is similar to the number you expect to see. If the number of Devices is larger or smaller than expected, select an earlier the From or To dates.

Figure 2: Activity subtotals are displayed after filtering for a previous time period.

  1. Compare the number of Devices in the previous period to the number of Devices in the recent subtotals.
  2. Check for potential issues, such as prolonged device inactivity or outdated Monitor client versions, if there are fewer devices than you expect.

Identifying issues on the Dashboard

The Dashboard may suggest connectivity or reporting issues based on device-to-user ratios, we recommend working with your IT Contact to review the Devices page for unmonitored devices:

  • Verify if devices have been removed from your school’s inventory and the change is expected.
  • Check the security configuration changes in your school’s IT systems. Some updates to security might have blocked Monitor clients from connecting. See Troubleshooting inactive devices.
  • Check if operating systems updates, especially automatic security changes, have blocked devices from connecting. See Troubleshooting inactive devices.
  • Filter for devices running outdated versions of the Monitor client and update them to the latest version.
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