Guidelines for Alert Calls in Monitor

This article is intended for Safeguarding and Limited Safeguarding Contacts.

The following article provides insight into the types of events that prompt an Alert Call in Monitor. It is important to clarify that not all level 5 risks or only life-threatening situations warrant an Alert Call.

While this article outlines scenarios where an Alert Call is mandatory, it's important to note that it's not an exhaustive list. Context remains paramount, and each situation must be assessed individually by our team before deciding whether to initiate a call.

Mandatory Alert Calls

Expressions of Suicidal Intent: Any direct statements indicating an individual's intention to harm themselves, such as "I am going to kill myself" or "I am going to commit suicide", particularly when there is no other context that may de-escalate the situation.

Current Self-Harming Behaviour: Instances of self-harm, regardless of severity.

Panic Attacks: Situations where panic attacks occur without accompanying context, making it difficult to assess the individual's safety or ability to manage the episode independently.

Threats of Violence: Expressions or indications of intent to carry out violent acts against others, including fights, stabbing incidents, or assault.

Incidents of Potential Violence: Any mentions or plans to carry out violent acts such as shootings or bombings.

Illegal Activities: Engagement in illegal activities, such as viewing child sexual abuse images or involvement in drug trafficking.

Inappropriate Behaviour: Instances of students exposing themselves or engaging in grooming behaviours, including sharing personal information or planning to meet up.

Evidence of Harm or Abuse: Incidents involving physical abuse, sexual assault, or rape.

Risk of Running Away: Any indications of plans to run away or leave a safe environment.

Repeated Searches Related to Harmful Behaviour: Multiple searches or online activity related to self-harm, suicide methods, or other concerning behaviours.

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