How do I know that Monitor is monitoring my devices?

This article is for IT Contacts.

Monitor’s Devices page shows a list of all monitored devices and their current monitoring status. You can use Devices to identify devices that may be unprotected by Monitor. Monitor will identify and highlight devices that:

You should review the Devices page regularly to ensure that all devices are monitored and protected.

Finding inactive devices

Monitor flags a device as inactive when it has not connected to Monitor in more than five days, or sent data for more than seven days.

  1. Log in to the Monitor Portal with your IT Contact account and select your Organisation.
  2. Select Devices on the top navigation.
  3. Filter the Devices page by selecting Devices not connected in over 5 days or sent data in over 7 days. Make sure to deselect all other filters.


  1. Review the results and choose the appropriate troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting inactive devices

Devices typically fail to connect or send data back to Monitor when students have stopped using them or when these devices are still running outdated versions of the Monitor client. Follow the troubleshooting steps provided in the following table for inactive or out-of-date devices.

If Devices devices have not connected in over 5 days or sent data in over 7 days

Check if devices are no longer used

  • Check if the device is still in inventory by looking up the Device name or serial number in your school’s asset register.
  • Remove devices from Monitor if they have been lost or removed from the school’s inventory.
    Check if device users were inactive or offline
  • Verify if the group of devices are related and assigned to a year group or class by their Device name or serial number.

Check if a technical issue had occurred

  • Allow the device access through your firewall to communicate with Monitor and your school systems.
  • Check that the correct OrgID and SerialID are being distributed to the device.
  • Check that Monitor Service-Smoothwall Safeguarding is running.

If Devices have not connected in over 1 day or sent data in over 2 days

One or two days of inactivity is normal in most cases, especially if the device has not been used over a weekend.

  • If too few of your device(s) are connected, use your school’s administrative console or network logs to find the most recent activity.
  • If too many devices are listed and you have recently changed the device names, you can leave the old entries for 7 days, then filter for the old names and remove the device(s).
  • Note the inactivity and check Monitor for the device(s) in five days.

Network configuration changes

Network configuration changes are the most common cause of multiple devices failing to connect. IT Contacts can take the following steps to troubleshoot devices connecting to Monitor.

    1. Verify the school’s firewall allows access to content from the following Monitor domains without filtering or https inspection:

      If your school uses one or both of the following Linewize products, allow the domains listed for:

    2. Reconnect an affected device to your network. The device must have the latest version of the Monitor client.
    3. Open a web page, like, and select a link on the page.
    4. In Monitor, open or refresh the Devices page.
    5. Search for the Apple or Windows device’s name or Chromebook’s serial number.

The device should appear in the list if you are connecting the device to the internet. If the device cannot connect to the internet, verify the installation.

Checking for outdated Monitor clients

Troubleshooting devices with outdated versions of the Monitor client

Monitor requires that devices run the latest version of Monitor to ensure gathering of accurate information. In most cases, devices that run older versions of the Monitor client will stop sending back data.

Use your MDM, endpoint management tool to deploy the latest version of the Monitor client or manually install the Monitor updates.

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