Why is Code Displayed on the Side of a Browser in a Monitor Screenshot?

This article is for Safeguarding and Limited Safeguarding Contacts.

This article explains why you may see Events with a Screenshot of ‘HTML code’ on the side of their browser. The code is often edited to bully another student.

The original text in a website, news article or search results is replaced with intimidating text using Developer Tools in Chrome and Edge. The person editing the code hides the Developer Tools panel before showing the web page to other students to get a reaction. The updated code will temporarily display the text until the web page is refreshed.

The hurtful web page looks realistic, however the edited text does not change the original web page.

We recommend your IT Contact disables the ‘Developer Tools’ in students’ browsers using your school’s Google or Microsoft admin console, MDM, or endpoint management tool. If you are unable to identify activity in a screenshot, submit a request to Monitor Support and we will assist you.

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