Sexual Content risk levels

A person who uses sexual or pornographic language, terms and descriptions. These may be directed towards others, used in conversation or in other activities on their computer. A person who has been involved with the sharing or receiving of explicit photos and or footage with other people.

The risk levels are identified for a user who has:

Level Reason
1 Used scientifically accurate language of sex in a school context or has used a word with a sexual double meaning in its legitimate context
2 Made a general mild sexual reference or innuendo that wasn’t targeted at another user

Made sexual comments using provocative language or has sent unrequited requests to discuss sexual topics with another user once in recent history

Made general mild sexual references or innuendos that wasn’t targeted at another user several times in recent history


Engaged in consensual sexual discussion with another user in recent history

Repeated Level 3 Events

Regularly recorded with Level 2 Events


Searched for specific pornographic topics, adult novels or adult dating sites in recent history

Gave, attempted to give or requested nude photos, webcam or video sessions in recent history

Engaged in consensual sexual discussion with another user regularly in recent history

Regularly recorded Level 3 and 4 Events

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