Terrorism/Extremism risk levels

A person who makes direct threats to undertake acts of terrorism including but not limited to using weapons, bombing, biological attack, kidnap and execution, against a high-profile person, location, or the general public.

A person who glorifies or promotes terrorist activity. One who encourages others to carry out acts of violence or intimidation against others in the pursuit of their political, ideological or religious aims. A person who encourages demonization of those outside their ideological sphere, often with the use of political or religious propaganda.

The risk levels are identified for a user who has:

Level Reason
1 Voiced sympathies for those who have committed acts of terrorism or condoned terrorist activity and has broadly researched terrorist attacks once in recent history
2 Made broad statements that convey hatred and distrust towards sections of society or has been promoting ‘fake news’ sources that align with terrorist or extremist ideologies

Stated the desire to see non-imminent serious harm or death visited upon sections of society, but not made direct threats themselves

Posted or distributed, terrorist or extremist propaganda with the intent to glorify or encourage such behaviour

Records of Level 1 and 2 Events on several occasions in recent history


Made a threat, without specific details, that would result in the serious harm or death to members of the general public

Stated or implied that committing acts of terrorism for a cause is a duty or morally just

Posted or distributed, terrorist or extremist propaganda several times in recent history

Believed to be involved in conversations or activity that may suggest they are being groomed to join a terrorist or extremist organization

Level 1, 2, and 3 Events regularly in recent history


Made a detailed or imminent credible threat or preparation that would result in the serious harm or death of members of the general public

Claims responsibility for a terrorist attack that has already occurred

Researched or given advice on how to find and join terrorist groups

Level 4 Events several times in recent history

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