About Event Types in Monitor

This article is for Safeguarding and Limited Safeguarding Contacts.

Monitor categorises Events by the type of risk.

Figure 1: Subtotals of Event Types and a chart showing the ratio of activity for the selected time period.

The Monitor system and Moderators assign one of nine Event Types to each Event. The Event Types are displayed in your Dashboard, Events, Reports, and Email Alerts.

Profile Description
Bullying A person who:
  • Regularly engages in emotional abuse of others
  • Intimidates, harasses, controls, uses fear or excludes others for the purpose of emotional manipulation
  • Posts material intended to shame and humiliate their target
  • Is the target of bullying or emotional abuse
General Risk Contains concerning or unusual activity that does not fit the predefined risk categories, but should be reviewed by your school.
Grooming Interacts as a suspected person 18 or older to:
  • Desensitise and normalise a minor to sexual discussion or imagery
  • Establish trust with a minor by offering sympathy
  • Encourage a minor to share contact or identity information
  • Request images or video from a minor
  • Attempt an offline meeting with a minor
Offensive User Communicates with:
  • Profanity (without bullying or threats)
  • Distressing and objectionable subjects or images
Oversharer Exposes data about themselves or another person:
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Contact details or location
  • Login or financial information
Sexual Content Frequent sharing of: 
  • Sex talk, sexual overtures or innuendos 
  • Explicit images, video or text

Threatens to:

  • Harm, kidnap or execute a person
  • Participate in acts of terrorism including biological attacks, bombing, vandalism or arson

Promotes violence, intimidation or terrorist activities with:

  • Political, ideological or religious propaganda
  • Rationalisation or moral duty
  • Targeting and demonising groups by their perceived identities

A person who:

  • Communicates threats of bodily injury or death to a person
  • Engages in physical force intending to hurt or damage a person or property
  • Physically intimidates, harasses or is violent towards others
  • Performs detailed research or shows interest in weapons or guns
  • Is the target of threats of physical injury or death
Vulnerable Person Expresses:
  • Credible threats of suicide, suicidal ideation or self-harm
  • A current risk of sexual or physical abuse offline
  • Suffering from an untreated eating disorder
  • Severely distressed or traumatised


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