Using the Tenants Report in Monitor

This article is for Safeguarding and Reporting contacts.

The Tenants Report is only available if you have more than one organisation. You can compare trends in events between the cohorts you support. Tenants may be used at a large school to group related year groups or to separate campuses within a district. By comparing the tenants, you may find potential emerging trends being shared within a geographical area or an age group.

The report helps you assess where to direct your support. You may want to reach out to the administrative and teaching staff at a specific campus or working within a group of years if you see a high number of events within a particular type of risk.

Events by Level and Risk Profile

  • Level 3+ Events by Level: Compare tenants to find which has more high-risk events than the others.
  • Level 3+ Events by Risk Profile: See if particular locations or groups may be exposed to particular Risk Categories.

Level 3+ Events over Time 

The aggregated total amount of events in the tenants you are monitoring may change over time. You may notice the changes based on changes in the distribution of students to your campus, the start or end of a semester or changes in behaviour around school breaks.

Level 3+ Events by Risk Profile over Time

You can measure how successful your outreach programs are by looking at changes in the number of Monitor Events over time. The impact of your programs may result in changes in the number of events over time.  For example, you may run an anti-bullying campaign or host a speaker to talk about conflict resolution. 

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