Managing Devices in Monitor

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The devices page shows you the status of all your users’ devices on your network.You will be able to see when the devices last communicated with Monitor and identify devices needing an update or troubleshooting.

List of Devices

The Devices page displays devices that have connected to Monitor at any time recently or in the past. You can see details of the device:

Column Use
Device name/ serial no. The name, serial number or Fully Qualified Domain Name of the device. Click to sort alphabetically. 
Status The status of when the device last connected to Monitor. Click to sort by the number of days.

The version of the Monitor client software running on the device. 

Go to Organizations > Edit > Clients to get current versions of the Monitor client software. 

You can update devices using your MDM, Windows Group Policy or end-point manager to deploy clients to Windows and macOS. The Chrome extension updates automatically in Chrome browsers and on Chromebooks.

Operating system The operating system of the device.
Last seen The last date and time the device connected to Monitor.
Last capture The last date and time the device sent a message capture to our Monitor moderators.


Functions on the Devices Page

Filter for Devices

You can use the Devices page to troubleshoot devices by focusing on when the device last connected to Monitor. Check one or more of the filter checkboxes to display devices:

  • Not connected in over 7 days or sent data in over 5 days
  • Not connected in over 2 days or sent data in over 1 day
  • Connected in the last 2 days and sent data in the last day
  • Are not on the latest version

Search for Devices

The Devices page can help you find the status of a device you are concerned about or to remove a broken device from Monitor. 

  1. To find a specific device, type all or part of a device’s:
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of Windows or macOS devices
  • Serial numbers of Chromebook devices
  1. Press enter to search
  2. Click the X in the search box to clear the search.

Select Devices

If you are replacing multiple devices or a single device, you can select and remove old device records after reimaging your suite of devices. 

  1. Search in or filter your list of devices.
  2. Go down the page (20 devices displayed per page) until you see the device you want.
  3. Use the following functions:
  • Select All checkbox - check the first checkbox at the top of the list in the column labels row to select all currently displayed devices

  • Remove Devices button - removes the record of the selected device(s) from the portal. This does not uninstall Monitor, and the record will be recreated if the device comes back online.

  • Clear Selected button - deselects currently checked checkboxes

Troubleshooting Connections

Multiple devices haven’t connected for several days.

Network configuration changes are the most common cause of multiple devices failing to connect. 

  1. Verify you have these Monitor domains in your allow-list exceptions on your firewall and/or filter:

  2. Reconnect an affected device to your network. The device must have the Monitor client.
  3. Open a web page like and select a link on the page.
  4. In Monitor, open or refresh the Devices page.
  5. Search for the device’s name or serial number.

The device should appear in the list if you are connecting the device to the internet. If the device cannot connect to the internet, verify the installation. See Installing Monitor


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