Overview of Contact Roles in Monitor

This article is for all Monitor users.

Monitor has a number of roles you can assign to users that grant access to a different set of features, functions, and data based on their position in your school. You should only give your users the most limited role that will meet their needs for access and pay particular attention to restricting access to  users’ confidential data.

Role Permissions Notes
Safeguarding Contact A Safeguarding Contact is the fallback contact for Events for any person who does not match an Alerting Profile.
Limited Safeguarding Contact
  • Receive email notifications and phone calls from Moderators when an Event Type (also referred to as “Risk Category”) matches their Alerting Profiles.
  • View-only access to all parts of the Organisations page.
  • View the Events page filtered for the people in their Alerting Profile.
IT Contact

An IT Contact cannot add Site Admin and Cloud Admin/Tech Admin.

An IT Contact cannot access Events or personal data.

Reporting Contact A Reporting Contact can only view high-level, summary information about Monitor.
Cloud Admin/Tech Admin
  • Access the Admin Panel in the Smoothwall Portal or Linewize Portal to sync data .
  • Integrate Monitor with your directories or with your Smoothwall or Linewize Firewall & Filter.
  • Add agent or API access to Azure Directory, Google Directory or Windows AD.
  • Add and edit Directory Groups for Safeguarding Contacts to use in Alerting Profiles.
  • View Tenants (Organisations), Account Information, and Licence information.


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